New Geoderma Paper from the C-SIDE team project - looking at the effects of coring methods on the compaction and the subsequent impact on carbon stock estimates 

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New Paper


The visit to the Isle of Wight marked the last of C-SIDE's fieldwork. In the last 11 months we have visited sites across the UK from Shetland to the Isle of wight collecting thousands of samples. Now it time to get them analysed

The Last Sample


The C-SIDE team revisted essex this week. In total 8 natural and reclaimed marshes were surveyed and sampled. 

Revisiting Essex


The welsh component of the C-SIDE team have been busy in the last month sampling marshes across North Wales and the Severn. They also made a few new friends while undertaken the GPS survey.

Wales - Sampling Campaign


The C-SIDE team are deeply saddened to hear about the death of Richard.Richard’s passing is a huge loss to the scientific community, especially in the areas of peatlands and climate change

Tribute to

Richard Payne


AnnaClaire Marley presented a poster at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly  focuses on the Teabag Index in salt marsh environment.  meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2019/EGU2019-14973.pdf

EGU Presention


Blue Carbon has been in the news check it out at: 



Blue Carbon in the News


The St Andrews and Leeds teams were in the North of Scotland collecting samples from the most northern mainland saltmarsh in the UK 

Kyle of Tongue


A new analytical facility has been installed at the University of St-Andrews to support  C-Side Project. The Thermogravimetric Analyser (TGA) will be used to better understand the quantity and quality of the carbon stored in the UK saltmarsh.

New Analytical Equipment


The MCCIP report has been published. The C-SIDE team contributed to the  Coastal Habitats Science Reviews.

See it here

MCCIP Report



The C-SIDE team visited one of the most southern UK marshes at Newtown on the Isle of Wight  this week. We collected over 20 new cores and a variety of other samples.

The Isle of Wight


New C-SIDE paper testing the Tea Bag Index method in a Scottish saltmarsh and if it is  a useful proxy for organic carbon breakdown? Led by a St Andrews Undergraduate now at the UCSB


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New Paper


The York and Leeds team spent a week in collecting soil samples, undertaken vegetation surveys and harvesting biomass on the large marshes of the Wash.

The Wash - Sampling Campaign


The C-SIDE team spent a week in and around Colchester sampling saltmarshes. In total 9 natural and reclaimed marshes were surveyed and sampled. We will be back for a second round of sampling in September.

Essex - Sampling Campaign


The second full team meeting took place  this week. With discussions focusing on the large field 2019 field campaign. 

Team Meeting


New Open Access Paper from the CEH team project - looking at the effects of saltmarsh restoration on carbon accumulation. 


New Paper


The C-SIDE team spent 2 days in Morcambe Bay testing out techniques that we are going to use to collect samples over the next 3 years

Method Development


Our new project logo designed by Research Fellow Cai Ladd. 



The Orkney Blue Carbon Report was published on 13 January, with contributions from the C-SIDE team.

Check it out here

Orkney Blue

Carbon Audit


Rob Mills has recently joined the University of York and the C-SIDE project. Within the project Rob will bring is expertise in functional ecology and mountain environments to the UK's saltmarsh.

Rob Mills Joins        C-SIDE


The St Andrews C-SIDE team with the help of an undergraduate just finished surveying and sampling two marshes on the Nith river and at Wigtown Bay both within the Solway. 

Solway - Sampling Campaign


Members of the C-SIDE team attented the 1 day Blue Carbon 2019 confrence in Edinburgh. Team members presented a range of oral and poster prsentations.

Essex - Sampling Campaign


The C-SIDE project is looking for help with sampling saltmarsh across the UK - GET INVOLVED

Citizen Science Project - Launch


The St Andrews team were on the Orkney Islands last week to sample at the loch of Stenness and RSPB Waulkmill reserve. We even got to do some follow up sampling at the Kyle of Tongue.



Rory Wood a St Andrews undergraduate was out sampling Skinflats marsh on the River fourth for his final year project.



C-SIDE's Twiiter feed is up and running follow us at @NERC_CSIDE

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The first meeting of the C-SIDE project took place at the School of Ocean Sciences at the University of Bangor. The meeting brought together partners from all institutions to kick off the project and plan the project's extensive fieldwork.

Kick Off Meeting

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